Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Remembering 9/11

This photograph was taken six years ago today. Like most people I was still in shock from the events of the day before. Like I often do when I am depressed or unhappy, I grabbed my camera and got in the car and started driving. I ended up at Elmwood Cemetery, a very large, old and beautiful place located in the heart of Memphis. I mindlessly started taking some photographs of of the line of flags all at half mast. As I was driving around the cemetery I saw this crow perched on this statue's head. I stopped the car and shot out the window with my F3 and 70-300 lens. I think the sadness and solitude I felt was pretty much summed up in this one image. I call it "9/12/01 The Day After The World Changed".

Photography has been my therapy to help me survive life's trials and tribulations. The whole Elmwood project pretty much came about after the death of my Father.
It was a way for me to express the strong emotions I felt at the time and be able to turn those feelings into something visual. To this day I still think that project is the strongest work I've ever done.

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